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Press Release:Government of India releases Rs./Nu. 113.5732 Crore to GNHC

Mr. S. Koventhan, First Secretary (Eco & Com), Indian Embassy, handed over cheques amounting to Rs. /Nu. 113.5732 Crore to Mr. Passang Dorji, Sr. Program Coordinator, GNHC on 09th October 2017.

2.  This release of funds of worth Rs./Nu. 113.5732 Crore will fund 1) Government Intranet System (2) Automate G2C & G2B (3) Urban Water Supply Systems and (4) 2nd Installment release towards 4th lot of Small Development Projects.

3.  Government of India has committed Nu. 5000 Crore in the 11th FYP to Royal Government of Bhutan. The detailed break-up of the commitment is: Rs./Nu. 2800 Crore for Project Tied Assistance (PTA), Rs./Nu. 850 Crore for Program Grant (PG), Rs./Nu. 850 Crore for Small Development Projects (SDP) and Rs./Nu. 500 Crore for Economic Stimulus Plan.

4.  As on date, Government of India has released Rs./Nu. 1924.1 Crore for PTA projects, Rs./Nu. 722.5 Crore for Program Grant, Rs./Nu. 800.15 Crore for SDP and Rs./Nu. 440 Crore for Economic Stimulus Plan to RGoB. In total, GoI has released Rs./Nu. 3886.73 Crore to RGoB which is 78 % of total GOI commitment for the 11th Five Year Plan Period.

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09th October 2017

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